7Advisers vol.2: Who made the cut?

Today, the Income Protection Taskforce (IPTF) has announced who’s participating in its second round of 7Advisers, including Charlotte Rogers & Nicola Huxley.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
21st March 2024
"Our hope for the next twelve months is to build on the insight we have gained, provide support to our second cohort and, of course, encourage market growth."
- Jo Miller, Co-Chair of the IPTF

The Income Protection Taskforce (IPTF) launched its 7Advisers initiative last year, to highlight key issues faced by advisers and share best practices. Earlier this week, the first round of 7Advisers signed off, with a final video discussing their experience.

To view this video, follow the link here

Today, the IPTF has announced who’s participating in 7Advisers vol.2. These advisers will produce video content documenting their experience as an adviser selling Income Protection (IP) as well as represent the IPTF at meetings, webinars, and as part of Income Protection Awareness Week (IPAW) in September 2024.

Who made the cut?

  • Charlotte Rogers, Radcliffe IFA
  • Michelle Grant, LifeSearch
  • Nicola Huxley, Sphere Financial Services Ltd
  • Dyan Smith, Mortgage & Protection Surgery Ltd
  • Gregory Deer, Muvado
  • Chris Blyth, Protect365
  • Mike Douglas, Ramsay & White Group


“We’re delighted to welcome a second round of 7Advisers as our first seven become our ambassadors and continue to spread the word on the importance of IP,” said Jo Miller, Co-Chair of the IPTF, “our first twelve months have provided valuable insight into the role of an adviser and have helped to raise the profile of those advisers that we selected.”

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