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Founded in August 2009, Protection Reporter is an online news service for the UK protection services industry, reaching over 30,000 industry individuals every day through our website and daily newsletters.

Our readers are a mixture of brokers, protection advisers, lenders and other protection intermediaries from across all sectors of the protection services industry including; mortgages, loans, debt & insolvency, insurance, bridging & commercial, business, economy, regulation, technology, equity release & pensions, investments, and conveyancing and surveying.

We know our readers want to form (and often share) their own opinions, so we simply report the news and let them do just that. We're unbiased, in everything from our reporting to the way our Awards programme operates. Our readers are the experts and part of Protection Reporter's ethos has always been to bring them the facts and nothing else.

We send out daily newsletters to make sure our readers are kept informed of all the latest developments in the industry, and we try and engage in discussion across a range of social media platforms – we are passionate about educating brokers and encouraging debate. To this end, we also host a number of educational webinars as well as broker roadshows around the UK where intermediaries can sit face-to-face with leading lenders and service providers, learn, earn CPD hours, and network.

Protection Reporter also holds an annual Industry Awards programme, which has become a benchmark within the industry and continues to grow each year – with no judges or panels it's up to the industry to decide who wins, and that means our rewards are looked upon by many as a reliable stamp of approval. Alongside this, we also launched our Women’s Recognition Awards in 2018, aiming to support gender equality in protection services by shining a light on the incredible women who are blazing a trail in the industry.

Tabitha Lambie - Editor
Tabitha Lambie - Editor

Tabitha Lambie is the Editor of Protection Reporter. Since graduating from Lancaster University, they’ve been leading the Protection Reporter brand from strength to strength, scrutinising industry plights and innovation.

This year, Tabitha was shortlisted for ‘Protection Journalist of the Year’ at the Protection Review Awards.

To chat to Tabitha or discuss a news story, drop her a line at [email protected] or call on 01253 272998.

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