GAIN announces OneFamily as latest corporate member

Today, the Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment & Neurodiversity (GAIN) announced the addition of OneFamily as its latest member.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
9th July 2024
"I’m delighted to partner with GAIN, who will journey with us as we grow the support we provide to our neurodiverse colleagues and their families."
- Alison Knocker, Chief People Officer at OneFamily

OneFamily’s culture encourages its employees to bring their true selves to work and is dedicated to educating its employees on the importance of inclusivity. As part of its membership with the Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment & Neurodiversity (GAIN), OneFamily intends to create advocate groups and training programs focused on areas of neurodiversity, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, and more.

OneFamily has also pledged to establish a Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group (ERG) which will provide employees and their families with a platform for sharing feedback, offering support, and addressing unique challenges.

“We take equity, diversity, and inclusion extremely seriously, it’s right at the heart of who we are as an organisation. It’s an absolute priority for us that our colleagues feel comfortable and supported at work; they should never feel that they need to mask who they really are,” said Alison Knocker, Chief People Officer at OneFamily.

Liselle Appleby, Supervisory Board Member at GAIN, added: “We’re excited to welcome OneFamily to GAIN and support their journey towards creating a more inclusive workplace. Their commitment to neurodiversity and inclusion aligns perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to working together to achieve significant improvements in employment prospects for neurodivergent individuals within insurance.”

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