Government flood protection for new homes initiative supported by BIBA

Following the Government’s announcement on the 25th August, BIBA has expressed support for the new guidance to address flood risk in the planning process for new homes.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editorial assistant, Barcadia Media
1st September 2022

BIBA’s 2022 manifesto detailed the importance of better planning and regulation during property development to mitigate flood risks.
The general insurance intermediary organisation recognises that the principle of insurance is to cover the unexpected, therefore housing development in high flood risk areas will always be a concern.

However, since Flood Re only insures properties built prior to 2009, BIBA believes change should be the responsibility of national and local Governments to better understand flood risks and make responsible planning decisions.

Hence, the Government’s latest initiative is a “welcome step.” BIBA agrees with the Secretary of State’s argument that councils need to demonstrate that housing developments will be safe from flooding, won’t increase flood risk elsewhere, and where possible will reduce flood risk overall.

The availability of suitable and affordable flood cover is important for the financial resilience of consumers and businesses. 

BIBA believes it’s vital that progress in this area is made to maintain a competitive market and reduce the number of inappropriate and unsuitable new builds in flood risk areas.

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