IPTF celebrate 7Families 10-year anniversary with educational film

Today, the Income Protection Taskforce (IPTF) has released a film to celebrate ten years since 7Families first launched in 2014.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
9th May 2024
"It highlights the impact of IP and the good work we’re involved in so that more people are protected and don’t have to go through what these 7Families did."
- Andrew Wibberley, Co-Chair of the IPTF

7Families ran between 2014-16 and followed the lives of seven families who’d suffered an income shock but didn’t have Income Protection (IP) in place. Equally funded by insurers across the industry, 7Families provided payments to these families – replicating what they would have received if they had IP in place. Various added-value services were also provided.

Throughout this project, the families were filmed regularly to document the impact of the payments and services received. Advisers can use these case study videos for free via the Income Protection Taskforce (IPTF) website.

Today, the IPTF has released a 45-minute film highlighting the lessons learned from 7Families and how advisers can integrate these stores into the advice process. This documentary marks ten years since the project began.

This film offers 45 minutes of unstructured CPD and is hosted on the IPTF YouTube channel. To watch the film, follow the link here

“Although we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of 7Families, the issues faced by those families still resonate today. 7Families was the first time our industry saw collaboration on such a scale, and changed the way we work in many cases,” said Andrew Wibberley, Co-Chair of the IPTF. He explained that it’s IPTF’s “very real hope” that the industry supports this film: “It highlights the impact of IP and the good work we’re involved in so that more people are protected.”

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