Legal & General Wellbeing Advisory Board launch new burnout prevention approach

Today, Legal & General’s (L&G) Protection Wellbeing Advisory Board has introduced a new approach to burnout prevention, centred on a wellbeing partnership between employers and employees.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
8th May 2024
Employee Wellbeing
"If workplace culture remains negative, then no burnout interventions or wellbeing strategy will be effective."
- Dr Tarun Gupta, Chief Medical Officer at L&G

Legal & General’s (L&G) Wellbeing Adviser Board has said this collaborative approach provides intermediaries with a roadmap for a process that aims to ensure maximum effectiveness in helping customers reduce and prevent burnout while improving wellbeing. It also resets the relationship between employers and staff, emphasising the need for both parties to take care of each other - creating a positive workplace culture by going beyond traditional roles.

The Board has designed and launched a variety of accessible, simple, and practical guides, checklists, summaries, and an example of lived experience which demonstrates what burnout prevention has to offer. These resources include information on how to build an environment that shields against burnout, how to take personal responsibility for burnout prevention, and the warning signs of burnout.

This announcement reflects on findings in this year’s Mental Health UK ‘The Burnout Report’ which revealed nine in ten adults (91%) say they’ve experienced high or extreme levels of pressure and stress at some point in the last year. Meanwhile, nearly half (49%) of the UK workforce say their employer doesn’t have provision to spot the signs of chronic stress.

“As a GP with specialisms in Occupational Health and mental health, I have first-hand experience of the fact that if workplace culture remains negative, then no burnout interventions or wellbeing strategy will be effective. So, addressing the negative culture first is paramount,” said Dr Tarun Gupta, Chief Medical Officer at L&G.

Vanessa Sallows, Group Protection Claims & Governance Director at L&G Retail, agreed that “mental health issues in the UK are continuing to rise, impacting both sickness absence and economic inactivity – and, disproportionately, the younger generation.” She believes there’s never been a more urgent time for the industry to take a systematic approach to the support and advice given to customers.

“It’s a privilege to be part of the Wellbeing Advisory Board and the wealth of combined, cross-industry experience and expertise we’ve harnessed to launch this important, new, shared responsibility approach to burnout prevention,” she added.

“A true partnership between employers and employees creates a culture that prevents burnout by creating a safe and fulfilling environment that protects physical, emotional, psychological, economic, and social aspects […] with everyone having rights and responsibilities, is crucial for tackling negative behaviour,” concluded Louise Aston, Mental Health & Wellbeing Campaign Consultant and a member of the L&G Wellbeing Advisory Board.

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