LifeSearch announces latest partnership with Gretel

Today, LifeSearch has announced its latest partnership with Gretel to feature as one of its recommended partners, offering access to its team of expert advisers free of charge.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
10th June 2024
LifeSearch Partnership
"We’re confident this partnership will continue to clear the mist surrounding protection and strengthen their financial resilience."
- Duncan Stevens, CEO of Gretel

Gretel is a unique technology-powered hub for reconnecting consumers with lost and/or dormant accounts, such as investments, savings, bank accounts, pensions, and Life Insurance. It believes finding unclaimed accounts should be “easy, simple, and free for all consumers.”

This partnership offers its members access to LifeSearch’s team of expert advisers free of charge to learn more about protection. As customers look for and are reconnected with their financial assets, LifeSearch will now be on hand to ensure they’re protected while educating customers on how their new-found protection works.

Gretel customers will be offered advice on building a ‘Plan B’ to provide a financial safety net in the event of death, critical illness, accident, and long-term health conditions.

“We’re excited to partner with Gretel to support those customers who, after locating their financial assets, want to feel more confident about their financial resilience. As people are seeking and reunited with lost financial assets – particularly their Life Insurance policies – it’s an ideal time to help people understand what they’ve got and ensure they’re financially prepared for what fate might throw at them,” said Justin Harper, Chief Marketing Officer at LifeSearch.

Duncan Stevens, CEO of Gretel, added: “Over 28mn accounts with a combined value of £89bn have been lost or forgotten in the UK. This figure includes £64bn in pensions, £5.3bn in lost investments and shares, and over £8bn in lost Life Insurance.

“Our partnership with LifeSearch will further bolster our customers’ experience using our services, not only through providing a range of protection but also by offering education to ultimately fuel their financial confidence,” he concluded.

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