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Hi everyone. Matt Rann joined me for the last episode of the Practical Protection Podcast, where we discussed eating disorders. We went through some statistics surrounding eating disorders, as well as a case study of a client who had experienced eating disorders, and the insurance terms they were offered.

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Kathryn Knowles | Cura
18th March 2022
Kathryn Knowles Cura
"Marketing is part of PR, so although you might not think you’re doing much, you’re probably doing more than you think."

This week I am joined by regular co-host Roy McLoughlin, and special guest Kevin Carr from Carr Consulting. Kevin has worked in the finance world for many years. Initially advising on mortgages at Nationwide, he then went on to be an adviser at LifeSearch, which quickly saw his role develop to include PR work too.

Kevin found that being featured in the press would result in clients ringing up wanting to talk to him for advice. PR isn’t just about the press though, there are many ways in which PR can help you and your business.

Marketing is part of PR, so although you might not think you’re doing much, you’re probably doing more than you think.

We also discuss awards. Awards can be great, they can get your name out there, can look great on social media and sometimes get insurers to take you more seriously too.

You can listen to the episode here:

The next episode will focus on testicular cancer and I will be joined again by Matt Rann to talk about testicular cancer in relation to protection insurance and underwriting.

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