Take the Protection Uncovered survey: the adviser view of life policies in trust

Protection Reporter invites advisers to take its survey on adviser knowledge of life policies in trusts.

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Staff reporter | Protection Reporter
13th March 2023
protection uncovered life trusts

In hopes of gaining further insight into how the market is handling life policies in trust, following Swiss Re’s Life Cover Payouts Report, Protection Reporter has launched 'The adviser view of life policies in trust' survey as part of its most recent campaign.

This survey is an important part of Protection Reporter’s research into how the insurance sector is handling life policies, trusts, and beneficiary nomination. Whether a Protection Reporter subscriber or not, please complete this month’s survey to give us the best possible set of representative results.

Protection Reporter will share key findings from 'The adviser view of life policies in trust' survey in early April 2023.

The survey can be found here

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