Towergate Health & Protection reports ‘lack of knowledge and understanding’ for wellbeing support

According to research, published today, Towergate Health & Protection has said that there is a ‘lack of knowledge and awareness on both sides of the benefits coin.’

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Tabitha Lambie | Editorial assistant, Barcadia Media
13th December 2022
Employee Wellbeing
"There are lots of ways of communicating benefits requirements and provision. The process itself can be a very positive experience, with surveys and focus groups showing that the employer is interested in, and cares about, employees’ wellbeing needs. "
- Debra Clark, Towergate Health & Protection head of specialist consulting

Following research released in September, claiming that employers have failed to properly consider what employees actually want in terms of support, Towergate Health & Protection has now said that the ‘major lack of understanding’ regarding health and wellbeing support could make supporting staff more challenging in the coming year.

Towergate Health & Protection found that less than a third of employers (29%) strongly agree that they have a good understanding of the overall health and wellbeing needs of their employees. Across the four pillars of wellbeing, having a good understanding of employees’ mental and physical health and wellbeing scored the highest (30%), followed by a good understanding of social needs (29%) whilst financial wellbeing scored the least (27%).

Commenting on these findings, Debra Clark, Towergate Health & Protection head of specialist consulting, felt that since employers do not understand the requirements their staff have for health and wellbeing support, ‘they cannot hope to provide benefits that are relevant and valued.’

Addressing this issue, Towergate Health & Protection noted that for there to be an understanding of benefits, there needs to be ‘two-way’ communication. Employees need to let their employers know what requirements they have and employers need to convey what is already available in terms of support.

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