Aviva establishes new cardiac and neurological group risk pathways

Following the establishment of Aviva’s new neurodiversity clinical intervention claims pathway in June, the insurance giant is now introducing extra support for employees living with cardiac and neurological conditions.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editorial assistant, Barcadia Media
6th September 2022
Aviva building
"These conditions can cause long-term absences which could have a considerable impact on clients’ businesses. Our pledge to support these individuals to return to as normal a life as possible highlights our customer-focused values and our ongoing commitment to our early intervention and vocational rehabilitation philosophy."
- Fran Bruce, Aviva protection managing director

According to the British Heart Foundation, an estimated 7.6m people in the UK are living with heart and cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease affects the heart and blood vessels and can result in damage to the arteries through conditions such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, cardiac arrest, hypertension and cardiomyopathy.

Aviva’s new cardiac pathway draws on the expertise of a network of clinical experts to support employees living with cardiac conditions and help prevent absence.  

To receive support, Aviva employees will be referred to a new Cardiac Recovery Support Services provided by Obair, a team of occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation specialists.

Since cardiovascular conditions can impact individuals differently, the vocational and rehabilitation support provided by Obair is wide-ranging and will be tailored to each employee’s individual circumstances and condition.

Aviva believes the service will help identify and priories risk factors, improve employees’ confidence and ability to manage anxiety, increase employees’ activity tolerances as well as provide support and guidance for employees returning to work.

As well as supporting employees with cardiac conditions, Aviva has established a claims pathway for those affected by neurological conditions.  

According to Brain Research UK, neurological conditions affect 1 in 6 people in the UK. Conditions include brain and spinal cord injury and tumours,  concussion, stroke, MS, migraine and epilepsy. All of these conditions are now supported by Avia’s pathway.

A neurological diagnosis is often accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms, so of which may be hidden and complex, such as sensory issues, extreme fatigue, physical limitations, and psychological complications.

Aviva’s claims pathway for employees affected by neurological conditions offers the Neuro Logical service, provided by Krysalis - our neuro rehabilitation partner. Krysalis’ network of highly skilled neurological occupational therapists can support employees with neurological conditions who are struggling in the workplace and those wishing to return to work.

Employees can receive a specialist assessment and, where required, a bespoke neurological vocational rehabilitation programme that focuses on building their skills, supporting their wellbeing and developing their confidence.

Additionally, if required, employees can initially receive support from home until they are comfortable transitioning back to the workplace. This support includes work readiness programmes and phased return to work plans to ensure a sustainable return.

Krysalis can also support employers, many of whom may never have managed an employee with a neurological condition, to better understand an employee’s needs and condition, as well as provide recommendations to overcome everyday challenges and advice on workplace adjustments.

Commenting on the new pathways, Fran Bruce, Aviva protection managing director, has said:

“The further expansion of our Group Income Protection pathways demonstrates Aviva’s ongoing dedication to supporting corporate customers and helping their employees recover and return to work safely. Neurological and Cardiac conditions can be extremely serious, leaving people with significant, often life-changing alterations to their day-to-day function."

Anne Byrne, Obair occupational therapist and clinical director, said:

“Obair occupational therapists are well-recognised for providing evidence based evaluation and effective intervention programmes in a number of areas of clinical practice and have expertise in working with individuals whose life has been impacted by a cardiac event or condition. 

“Our Cardiac Recovery Support Programme helps individuals recover their independence and empowers them in their daily lives. We achieve this by focusing on evaluation, education, self-management, independence and return to everyday activity and work.” 

Jo Throp, Krysalis clinical director, added:

“The specialist team at Krysalis is delighted to be working with Aviva to deliver their new neurological conditions pathway. Our clinical insights and knowledge will improve the experiences and functional outcomes for many people impacted by these life-changing conditions. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in supporting employees with neurological conditions in the workplace.

“Our specialist expertise removes the barriers of these complex conditions that would otherwise limit potential and opportunity. Helping individuals and the workplace to recognise what is possible.”

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