Aviva launches new compassionate cancer support services to aid employees beyond the point of a claim

Aviva has today announced further support for employees who have had a cancer diagnosis, as well as those who care for them, with two new services being added to its Optimum and Optimum Referral private healthcare schemes.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editorial assistant, Barcadia Media
8th November 2022
"It is a time when people living with cancer and their loved ones can feel helpless and without any control. This is why we continually look for ways to help our customers beyond just settling their claim for treatment. "
- Amanda Windsor, Aviva UK Health clinical business adviser

Building on the cancer advancements introduced by Aviva earlier this year, including the Aviva Digital GP, comprehensive Cancer Care Guide, and GetActive discounts on products and services, the insurance giant has added additional services to support employees beyond the point of a claim after a cancer diagnosis.

Designed to support the mental wellbeing of employees with cancer, a Talking Through Cancer service, provided by Onebright, and Careology app will be available for those on new and renewing healthcare schemes from 1st April 2023.

Led by a dedicated team of specialist cancer therapists, the Talk Trough Cancer service will be accessible via online, video, telephone, and in-person mediums and offer employees a comprehensive clinical programme of therapy tailored to their individual needs.

This service will also offer specialist support for children from the age of 5 years old.

Acknowledging that life can feel overwhelming after a cancer diagnosis, Aviva’s Careology app will offer employees a “simple and secure way to record, track, and manage information relating to their cancer care and treatment, all in one place.”

Employees who have made a cancer claim can monitor and record their symptoms/side effects and if any red flag symptoms are logged, the individual will be prompted to contact the clinical care team. Likewise, employees using the app can input their medication details and schedule so that the app can provide reminders for drug administration.

Employees will also be able to privately record their questions, thoughts, and feelings in a digital journal which, if they wish, they can share with the care team.

The information they store can act as a useful prompt to recall their daily experiences when they talk to their clinicians.

Commenting on these service advancements, Amanda Windsor, Aviva UK Health clinical business adviser, has said:

“We recognise that a cancer diagnosis can be devastating not just for the person, but for their loved ones too. Insight shows that approximately 67% of carers for people with cancer experience anxiety and 42% experience depression. Of these, over three-quarters do not receive any support.

“Our Talking Through Cancer service and Careology app provides help, support, and advice to our customers when they receive a cancer diagnosis, throughout their treatment and beyond.”

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