Aviva simplifies and upgrades Business, D2C, and Santander white label plans

Earlier in the year, Aviva enhanced both its Core and Upgraded critical illness plans, reflecting the amended ABI model wordings for Cancer, Dementia and Heart Attack - the first insurer to adopt these changes.

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Warren Lewis
5th December 2022
Aviva building

Following September's changes, new adjustments made by Aviva now bring their Business and D2C plans into line with their personal plans. Santander markets a white-label version and Aviva has extended the changes to this plan as well.

Less advanced prostate cancer was removed from the cancer definition c.2002 but is now included if treated by prostatectomy. Consequently, it has been removed from the Less Advanced Cancer of the Prostate definition. This will result in a small increase to future cancer claims.

Loss of speech has also been removed from the Business and D2C plans – again falling into line with the personal plan made available via advisers.

Revised 100% Condition Definitions

Cancer: Altered to include prostate cancer treated by prostatectomy and also includes amended wording relating to gastrointestinal and neuroendocrine tumours.

Dementia: The claim wording has been adjusted to confirm that permanent clinical loss is no longer required.

Heart Attack: The claim wording has been tweaked for clarification purposes.

Revised additional payment condition definitions

Less Advanced Cancer of Prostate: As prostatectomy is now covered within the main cancer definition it has been removed from this additional payment condition.

Alan Lakey, Director at CIExpert, comments: “As proponents of simplicity we applaud harmonisation as it reduces confusion amongst advisers and consumers alike. The cancer and dementia wording changes will also result in additional claims being paid creating confidence with the public.

“Other ABI members have until 16 September 2023 to make the necessary amendments to their plans so 2023 is likely to be busy with insurers taking this as an opportunity to improve their plans.”

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