GRiD: Employers could do more to support struggling staff

According to the latest research conducted by Group Risk Development (GRiD), 82% of employers think they’d use one or more support mechanisms aimed at mitigating absence to support an employee with an injury or new illness/disability despite take-up remaining low.

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Protection Reporter
13th June 2023
Employee Benefits
"The research results paint a picture that many employers could do more to support newly ill staff."
- Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD

Shockingly, 12% of employers still do not have support mechanisms in place for newly injured or ill employees due to affordability or refusal to accept responsibility.

The industry body also believes that employers should be prioritising embedded support in employee benefits, particularly in the event of a new illness or injury since support for these individuals both physically and emotionally is vital at this time.

Discussing under-utilised support, GRiD found that only 18% of employers claim to offer virtual GP, 15% offer Employee Assistance Programmes, 13% provide physio support and just 8% offer access to medical specialists such as oncologists.

 Given that these benefits are widely accessible either on a standalone basis or embedded within employee benefits, including group life assurance, group income protection, and group critical illness, GRiD is concerned that employers don’t completely understand the depth and breadth of the services they have on offer.

Commenting on these findings, Katharine Moxham, spokesperson for GRiD, has said: 

“The research results paint a picture that many employers could do more to support newly ill staff.

“Helping staff understand support is available, and ensuring it is utilised during times of need including ill health, not only supports the individuals but also sends a message to the broader staff community who will see their colleagues benefitting.”

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