Practical Protection Podcast - Family Medical History

Hi everyone. I hope you enjoyed the last mini episode that focused on the improvements we have seen to HIV underwriting in the protection space.

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Kathryn Knowles
3rd March 2023
Kathryn Knowles Cura

There was a lot of technical information in there for advisers to learn about the right questions to ask and not ask clients that are living with HIV. My advice is to make a spreadsheet or folder where you store documents of different health conditions and questions that you need to ask to research the market properly. I’ve done this for years and really does help to manage timeframes and client expectations. 

We have Matt Rann back with us for the first time in Season 7 and we are talking about family medical history. Why do some family medical conditions cause ratings or exclusions for different policies? Why does the age of diagnosis matter?  

We are talking through these questions and we had some side conversations too about why it can seem as if women end up with exclusions due to family medical history more than men, and my query as to how gender-based underwriting outcomes work when it comes to people that are transgender. 

Listen to the episode here

The next episode of the season will focus upon the recent Money and Mental Health report and their findings about how mental health and insurance mix (or don’t mix).  

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