Practical Protection Podcast - Lung Cancer

Hi everyone, we have Matt Rann back with us and we are focusing on lung cancer and the possible options for protection insurance.

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Kathryn Knowles | Cura Financial Services Ltd
23rd May 2023
Kathryn Knowles Cura
"The best options for life insurance are usually when the lung cancer has been caught early before it has managed to significantly grow and unfortunately, only 16% of cases fall into this."
- Kathryn Knowles, Managing Director, Cura Financial Services Ltd

We are talking about how lung cancer is more likely to be diagnosed in older generations, particularly among those aged 70 and over. You might not have many clients that are this age, but it’s important to know what the potential outcomes are, especially if you are working in more of the high net worth space where inheritance tax and gift planning are being advised on.

With 43k people in the UK diagnosed with lung cancer each year, this is a condition that is worth knowing about.

Three key takeaways:

  • If a person has had lung cancer and is a smoker their cover will need to be placed with specialist insurers,
  • Matt takes us through what the staging and grading of lung cancer means, as this is an essential part of the underwriting decision process,
  • We talk through the potential underwriting outcomes for life insurance, critical illness cover, and income protection for a person that has had lung cancer.

Next time Roy is back with me and we also have Lee Robertson returning as a guest. We will provide insights into the insurance market and our thoughts on changes we would like to see.

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