RedArc: do employers consider long-term health support enough?

Over recent years, insurers have recognised that at times of serious ill health, individuals and their families need more than just financial help; support services are now an integral part of the protection industry.

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Christine Husbands | RedArc managing director
14th September 2022
Long-term illnesses
"There is a wide range of support services available, few offer personalised support tailored specifically to the unique needs of each individual. This is so powerful, adding real tangible value to employees, and their families."
- Christine Husbands, RedArc managing director

The range of support available, alongside group and individual protection products, continues to grow with services addressing a wide range of short-term needs. These include access to GPs, mental health therapies, fitness tools, and personal nurse services.

However, often these services have little to offer employees who suffer long-term serious physical or mental health conditions.

Supporting employees with long-term physical or mental health conditions is important. RedArc’s personal nurse service is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals and their families at such times, giving personalised support from a dedicated nurse.

We have seen first hand how people cope with illness differently. This could be the result of family situations, reactions to treatment, or appetites for information - all driving the need for a tailored approach.

Our tailored nurse support ensures that individuals get on the right pathway and access the most appropriate therapies quickly, thereby reducing the period of absence and potentially avoiding a claim altogether.

Support is not just available at the point of claim, many services are available at any time, and some are particularly beneficial during a period of absence before an income protection claim is payable.

It is clear that a significant proportion of people will be affected by serious health concerns within their lifetime. The impact of long-term ill health can be a huge burden for the individual affected as well as their families.

Additionally, with long-term ill health, work is very often not possible, or significant reductions need to be made. This can have a massive impact on finances and in some cases, families can face losing their homes.

On a daily basis, we hear about the challenges employees face such as sharing concerns, guilt, and family reactions. We find that many employees are still reluctant to be completely honest with their employers and value confidential support external to the workplace.

With such a wide range of needs in ill health, personalised support is vital to address everything holistically and make a real difference for employees and their families. Our experienced nurses form the hub of often a very complex wheel, drawing on many years of experience and providing continuity through a relationship of trust.

Typically we provide a confidential listening ear, holistic support tailored to their specific needs, as well as additional therapies and resources suitable for adults and children.

This is so powerful, adding real tangible value to employees, and their families.

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