Unum reveals over 50% of Group CI claims were paid to policyholders aged 49 or younger in 2023

Last year, Unum UK paid out over £471mn, including £229mn for Group Income Protection (GIP), £160mn for Life Insurance, and £43mn for Group Critical Illness (GCI) claims.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
28th March 2024
Unum UK
"It’s an ethos that is central to our company values and why we always take the time to individualise the support we provide our customers."
- Paula Coffey, Director of Claims, Rehabilitation & Medical Services at Unum UK

Overall, Unum paid 276,000 claims in 2023. The leading cause for claims across Unum’s group risk products was a recent cancer diagnosis, accounting for 69% of Group Critical Illness (GCI), 39% of Life Insurance, and 30% of Group Income Protection (GIP) claims. Meanwhile, dental payouts rose by 29%, exceeding £31mn overall. This reflects what the Health and Social Care Committee, appointed by the House of Commons, described as a “crisis of access” to NHS dentistry; the committee recently called for “urgent and fundamental reform for people to receive the dental and oral healthcare they need.”

Notably, 50.7% of GCI claims and 46% of GIP claims were paid to policyholders aged 49 or younger. 27.5% of Life Insurance claims came from this age group.

Unum UK recorded a 97% return-to-work success rate for individuals supported by its Group IP Rehabilitation Service, despite experiencing a 35% rise in the number of referrals. This comes after several enhancements were introduced to better support people returning to work or reaching agreed outcomes with their employer following ill-health or injury.

49% of Unum’s rehabilitation referrals were triggered by mental health conditions – this is a 37% year-on-year increase. Unum said its app has also seen an increase in people seeking mental health support, with 37% of all bookings now relate to mental health.

“Helping people in challenging times is why we exist as a business and what matters to us most. We’re always looking for ways to improve in the areas that make a real difference to people, and having such an experienced in-house team enables us to do exactly that,” said Paula Coffey, Director of Claims, Rehabilitation & Medical Services at Unum UK.

She highlighted that the provider has significantly increased support and training for line managers to help businesses spot and recognise the signs of distress - placing a particular emphasis on the importance of early referrals. “Our experience shows us that a successful return-to-work is centred on truly understanding the individual, and where we draw on our expertise to support people,” Paula explained.

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