TMG directors launch business consultancy for mortgage and protection advisers

The Money Group's Dave Corbett and Jonathan Needham have launched a new business consultancy to serve mortgage and protection advisers.

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Rozi Jones
12th January 2022
Jonathan Needham TMG
"It is apparent that there are gaps across the industry in respect of support, guidance and direction"

No. 6 Business Consultancy will offer development, training, coaching and social media support to help brokers across the UK.

Whilst the business is standalone and not part of TMG, No. 6 will retain its link with The Money Group who will remain their largest client. The move will also see Corbett and Needham create their own protection brand under the TMG Direct network.

Jonathan said: “Following in-depth conversations with Scott and Martin, we all agreed the creation of No. 6 felt a natural progression for Dave and I. Having supported individual brokers and mortgage and protection firms for many years, to do this under our own banner is very exciting, incredibly motivating and a challenge we are both looking forward to.

"It is apparent that there are gaps across the industry in respect of support, guidance and direction from people who have bought and worn the t shirt, many times, and talk in a language most brokers will ‘get’; No. 6’s objective is to plug that gap.

"Whether that support is around lead generation, building a social media presence, developing multiple income streams, increasing the number of clients who are being protected, recruitment, business growth and development or helping firms to understand what their ‘exit’ looks like, why they should have one and how best to realise it.

"We are not here to lift anyone’s leg either, we basically want to deliver proper, no nonsense support; that works.”

Dave Corbett commented: “Exciting times ahead for Jonny and I, time to get busy and help as many brokers across the UK as possible. There is an awful lot of misconceptions in our industry and our objective is to try and ‘lift the curtain’ on as many as we can; we seem very good, as an industry, at over complicating lots of stuff and Jonny and I are here to defrost all the nonsense.

"Working with mortgage and protection firms will be our natural default. We don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves to that however, and as we become accredited in NLP we want are keen to also work with non-FS businesses too, as a lot of the skills are transferable across different industries.”

Martin Stewart, CEO of The Money Group, added: “Jonny and Dave have added so much value to TMG in a really short space of time. Their approach to the industry is very refreshing, and their work ethic has really pushed our brokers to deliver in 2022 and beyond.

"We are delighted to continue our business relationship with Jonny and Dave under the banner of No. 6. We have maintained their services for recruitment on an exclusivity basis and their remit is to double our head count by the end of 2022 as we continue to push towards dominating our unique position in this mortgage market."

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