AIG Life paid 95% of individual protection claims in 2023

Last year, AIG Life - now part of the Aviva group – paid £394mn in protection insurance claims, helping 6.9k policyholders and their loved ones during periods of ill-health or injury.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
4th June 2024
Child 123
"It’s important we deliver at times like these, and we do all we can to help consumers see the humanity of what we do, and the huge value protection offers."
- Neil Davies, Chief Operating Officer at AIG Life

In 2023, AIG Life paid 99% of Life Insurance (4,204) and Childrens Critical Illness (CI) claims (72), 95% of Terminal Illness Benefit (212) and CI claims (617), and 88% of Income Protection (IP) claims (110). Overall, AIG paid 95% of individual protection claims, equating to £394mn.

More than £164mn was paid in Life Insurance and/or Terminal Illness Benefit last year. The most common reason to claim was cancer (32%), followed by heart attack (17%), and respiratory conditions (13%). Notably, almost all (96%) of Terminal Illness Benefit claims were cancer-related with the youngest claimant just 22 years old.

AIG Life paid £38mn in CI claims for 617 policyholders and their loved ones. An additional 72 payments were made to families whose child(ren) had suffered from a covered condition or sadly passed away.

More than £2mn was paid in IP claims last year. Of those claims, 20% also received additional rehabilitation and recuperation support. The most common reason to claim was musculoskeletal conditions (33%), followed by mental health (19%), and cancer (9%).

AIG Life also paid almost £173k to more than 500 families through its Claims Support Fund. This discretionary fund pays up to £500 to cover unexpected costs during bereavement or illness, such as hospital parking and travel costs.

Moreover, £188mn was paid in claims to group risk members, providing more than 1,650 families with financial support during periods of ill-health or injury.

“Every single claim paid is a family or business we’ve helped during one of life’s toughest times. The feedback we receive from customers and their beneficiaries when they go through a bereavement or illness tells us that the claims we pay make a real difference,” said Neil Davies, Chief Operating Officer at AIG Life.

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