Aviva reveals average age for GIP claims was 48 years old in 2023

Last year, Aviva paid out more than £413mn in Group Protection claims - the insurer has paid more than £1.15bn in group claims over the last three years.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
22nd April 2024
"The insight clearly demonstrates how we’re supporting employees and their loved ones through difficult times, not only financially, but also through specialist wellbeing services and rehabilitation expertise."
- Jason Ellis, Group Protection Sales Director at Aviva

In 2023, Aviva paid 8,077 claims across its Group Income Protection (GIP), Critical Illness (GCI), and Life Insurance, equating to £413mn. These figures have been released alongside Aviva’s Group Protection Claims Report.

More than £116mn was paid in GIP benefit for new and existing claims to 5,361 claimants - on average, £21,820 was paid annually per claim. 24% of claims were triggered by a recent cancer diagnosis, followed by mental health (19%), orthopaedic (16%), and neurological conditions (12%).

For new claims made in 2023, the average age for GIP claims was 48; the youngest at the point of claim was 19 and the oldest was 69.

Last year, Aviva paid out more than £41mn on 572 GCI claims. Almost two-thirds (64%) of claims were paid for those aged between 40-59, with an average of 48 years old and the youngest being children diagnosed with an insured condition at birth.

70% of claims related to a recent cancer diagnosis, followed by heart attack (7%), stroke (6%), and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or benign brain tumour (both at 3%). Notably, Aviva paid £375,928 for 30 Children’s GIP claims – on average, £12,531 was paid per claim.

More than £255.7mn was paid in Group Life Insurance benefit for new and existing claims to 2,144 claimants. 38% of claims were triggered by a recent cancer diagnosis, followed by heart disease (16%), stroke (3%), suicide (3%), and respiratory conditions (3%). Over half (54%) of claims were made by those aged 40-59 years old.

Alongside these claims, rehabilitation continues to be a key strength for Aviva, with the number of policyholders accessing rehabilitation rising by 11% since 2022 – 2,782 employees received support in 2023. Over 900 employees with more complex conditions were referred to Aviva’s rehabilitation partner network for private treatment and specialist support.

Thankfully, over four fifths (83%) of employees who received rehabilitation either remained in or returned to the workplace. Of these cases, 96% returned to work within the scheme deferred period, resulting in their employer not needing to claim on their GIP policy.

15% of total referrals for rehabilitation came from musculoskeletal patients, while just one in ten (9%) came from people living with cancer. Notably, 70% of cancer survivors supported by Aviva returned to or remained in the workplace.

Although neurological conditions only accounted for 5% of rehabilitation referrals, Aviva experienced a 35% rise in the number of cases for conditions like stroke, brain injury, and MS being referred for specialist support from the Neurological Pathway. Neurodiversity accounted for 3% of rehabilitation referrals; nearly eight in ten (79%) employees seeking help through the Neurodiversity Pathway returned to work and 100% of these did so within the deferred period. 

The proportion of cases relating to Long Covid decreased to just 5% of all referrals. Aviva suggests this may result from improved prognosis related to new cases of the condition.

“We remain focused on helping employees stay at work, or return to work as soon as possible. Last year, four in five employees referred for rehabilitation support had a positive experience,” said Jason Ellis, Group Protection Sales Director at Aviva.  

“As growth continues to be strong in the market, it’s reassuring that more employers are recognising the benefits of looking after the physical, mental, and financial wellbeing of their workforce, both to manage business risk and to retain or attract talent,” he added.

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