Cavendish Online becomes one of the first protection distributors to use AI for improving customer experience

Today, Cavendish Online has announced its partnership with Aveni for AI analytics and automation technology.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
31st January 2024
"The power of Generative AI will be a game changer in this sector. "
- Andy Johnson, Aveni

Cavendish Online, part of Lloyds Banking Group, has partnered with to become one of the first protection distributors to use AI technology to help improve its customers’ experience. Aveni’s Generative AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based technology platform will listen and learn from all customer calls, enabling Cavendish Online to speed up improvements in the quality of advice. It will also detect customer vulnerabilities during a call.  

Despite calls always being led by an adviser, the Aveni system will be able to analyse a daily load of calls in a matter of minutes to highlight potential enhancements as well as enable targeted skills development for advisers which delivers on the distributor’s Consumer Duty commitments.

Rose St Louise, Protection Director at Lloyds Banking Group & CEO of Cavendish Online, has said “delivering excellent outcomes for all customers is at the heart of Cavendish Online’s mission.” She believes this partnership with Aveni puts Cavendish at the “forefront of AI-driven innovation for financial services distribution, and further demonstrates our commitment and focus on delivering great customer outcomes.”

Andy Johnson, Aveni, agreed that Cavendish Online is making a “significant impact in the UK protection market and demonstrates a commitment to innovation that resonates with our team.” He believes Aveni has been selected as an AI-partner because of its solution-based approach, “combining financial services know-how with deep-expertise in Generative AI & Natural Language Processing.”

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