LifeSearch launch ‘test and learn’ partnership with 1st Central

Today, LifeSearch has announced its latest ‘test and learn’ partnership with 1st Central, to navigate the introduction of protection when buying Car Insurance.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
25th March 2024
Earn it, Protect it
"1st Central is pioneering a modern, technology led distribution model that will overcome traditional barriers to distribution between general insurance and protection firms."
- Rose Howarth, Head of Partnerships at 1st Central

Operational within an initial twelve-month window, this partnership will offer Life Insurance, Critical Illness (CI), Income Protection (IP), and Private Medical Insurance (PMI) to 1st Central’s customers, in a timely, intuitive, and tailored way.

This partnership will utilise LifeSearch’s tech-led products and customer service, alongside 1st Central’s digital proposition, to reframe customers’ protection conversations. These services will be offered to customers via the existing customer portal, while targeted communications will raise awareness of the importance and value of protection.

Considering most new driver policies are tailored towards younger drivers, between the ages of 17-24, this partnership could open a new avenue for customers to start having protection conversations earlier than when buying a mortgage.

“We’ve transformed buying Car Insurance, making it a more accessible and effortless experience for customers. The relationship that this success has built with our customers means that we have a unique opportunity to tackle the wider UK protection gap,” explained Rose Howarth, Head of Partnerships at 1st Central.

“LifeSearch is the ideal partner for this ambitious challenge. Our shared values of delivering exceptional customer service and competitive prices will allow us to protect customers’ health, lifestyle, and families,” she added.

Ed Axon, Chief Growth Officer at LifeSearch, said this partnership will see the independent UK protection advice specialist working with “a business that has like-minded ambitions and a progressive and forward-thinking team that holds customer service at the core of its proposition.” Ergo, he believes this partnership has the potential to be “transformative for customers.”

“The UK protection gap is worryingly large, and even those with other forms of insurance often overlook the value of protection products. Working together we can help bring protection to a new audience,” he concluded.

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