Lovethorn appoint Richard Purcell as Non-Executive Director

Lovethorn, which launched eight months ago, has today announced the appointment of Richard Purcell as its first Non-Executive Director after the successful closure of its pre-seed investment round.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
19th January 2024
New Hire for Lovethorn
"The appointment of our first Non-Executive is a testament to our commitment to assembling an expert leadership team."
- James Lovett, CEO & Founder of Lovethorn

Lovethorn is a newly launched Insurtech, bringing together a unique risk framework, R&D, consumer insights, and AI to rewrite how insurers understand, manage, and price risk. Following the successful closure of its pre-seed investment round, Lovethorn has appointed Richard Purcell as its first Non-Executive Director, who will be “instrumental in helping steer [us] to success.”

Richard currently works as Business Development Director at Pacific Life Re, working with the UK protection market to manage risk and grow the Life Insurance sector. During his career, spanning over fifteen years, Richard has also held senior roles at Vitality UK, The Actuary, and Hymans Robertson.

With Richard onboard, Lovethorn is set to make major strides in its mission to align the interests of insurers and consumers to build a fair, efficient, and sustainable insurance ecosystem. Lovethorn’s founding product is set to improve and widen underwriting access as well as proactively lower claims on income-related financial products.

James Lovett, CEO & Founder of Lovethorn, has said “our immediate focus is Income Protection (IP) and looking forward, we are seeking insurers to help test and validate our product as we move through the year.”

"We warmly welcome Richard Purcell, an actuary at Pacific Life Re, and his years of product development knowledge and expertise across both insurance and reinsurance,” he added.

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