Simplyhealth launch new corporate category for Health Plan with physiotherapy partnership

According to the latest research conducted by Simplyhealth, 29% of employees in the UK have considered quitting their job due to back pain.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
1st February 2024
"We all need to do more to support people to stay well at work, particularly when getting access to healthcare remains a key issue."
- Claudia Nicholls, Chief Customer Officer at Simplyhealth

Of those surveyed (4,000), 27% of employees in the UK said they’re experiencing back pain, with 29% of those having considered quitting their job as a result. Overall, almost seven in ten (68%) employees suffer from wider health problems, contributing to workplace absenteeism.

Simplyhealth found that 19mn ‘sick days’ are due to physical health problems. Of that, 8mn days were due to back pain, followed by dental issues (6mn), and eye health (4.5mn). Shockingly, Simplyhealth found this figure had been exasperated by unsupportive executive leaders, with 25% of employees claiming their workplace didn’t assist them with pain management.

70% of employees believe Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) should always be offered by an employer. Yet, over a third (36%) of employers have failed to meet this expectation.

Additionally, Simplyhealth found that nearly two-thirds (61%) of employees who’ve experienced challenges with their mental health would like their line manager to be able to refer them to support. 24% said access to counselling would make them happier while a fifth (21%) said it would improve productivity. However, only 54% of managers have been trained to support employee mental health and 39% don’t know how to signpost staff to health services or benefits offered by their company.

In response to these findings, Simplyhealth has launched a new Health Plan category for the corporate market, to address the top causes of sickness, absence, mental health, and musculoskeletal support. These services will sit alongside virtual GP access, eye-care, and dentistry.

Simplyhealth has also partnered with Phio after finding 42% of employees don’t have access to physiotherapy support through their workplace despite 41% either experiencing back or muscle pain. A fifth of employees said workplace benefits that offered access to physiotherapy would make them happier (20%) and more productive (17%). 

Previous research conducted by Simplyhealth found that 23% of women in the workplace have considered quitting due to menopause or menstrual symptoms at work. Consequently, Simplyhealth has partnered with four women’s health charities as well as women’s health platform, Unfabled.

Claudia Nicholls, Chief Customer Officer at Simplyhealth, said “we all need to do more to support people to stay well at work, particularly when getting access to healthcare remains a key issue.” She believes these recent findings demonstrate that the one-size-fits-all solution is no longer appropriate and whatever the sector, “employers need the right services to keep their employees healthy, happy, and productive.”

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