Windsor Hill Mortgages re-joins Stonebridge network

Today, Windsor Hill Mortgages re-joined Stonebridge as one of its latest appointed representative (AR) firms after recognising the “significant support” the network offered.

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Tabitha Lambie | Editor, Protection Reporter
15th January 2024
New Member
"There is a culture of inclusivity here, genuine care for what we are doing, and unwavering support to reach those ends."
- Oliver Cotterell, Co-Founding Director at Windsor Hill Mortgages

Established in 2020, Windsor Hill Mortgages had been authorised by another mortgage network until this move, specialising in all types of mortgages and property finance as well as protection and general insurance.

Windsor Hill Mortgages said the primary reason for returning to Stonebridge was its need for a network that shared its strategic vision, aligned with its goals, and was committed to active collaboration. Stonebridge’s Revolution technology system and infrastructure was another key element in its decision to join the network.

Last year, the Network Consulting league table reported Stonebridge had achieved the largest net growth in AR firms in Q3, up by 28 during the three-month period. This was a 4.5% net increase on the previous quarter.

Rob Clifford, Chief Executive at Stonebridge, said “We’re very pleased to be able to welcome Windsor Hill Mortgages ‘back home’, having recognised the significant support we provide, our commitment to supporting broker firms’ goals and ambitions, and the opportunities available to Windsor Hill within the network.”

“We have a strong relationship in place, and we’ve already begun working closely together in order to provide them with everything they require in order to further develop and grow […] It’s great to have them back within the network and to see continued examples of firms understanding how Stonebridge is best placed to meet their business needs,” he continued.

Oliver Cotterell, Co-Founding Director at Windsor Hill Mortgages, agreed that Stonebridge is a network that shared their vision, who wanted to collaborate, and had a technological infrastructure that offered a top-tier solution to deliver success for their team.

“There is a culture of inclusivity here, genuine care for what we are doing and what we want to achieve […] We are looking forward to continuing our journey together with Stonebridge and believe we can reach new heights together,” he concluded.

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